Hatch Art Project aims to position itself as a leading Asian art gallery through various forms of art such as video, installation, sculptures, NFT’s as well as its presentations of world class painting.

The gallery works closely with the artists through long-term planning and curatorial services to maintain its efforts in supporting the sustainable art market and the advancement of contemporary arts culture. Its vision is supported through its participation in art fairs in foreign countries and collaborations with various brands.

Located in the heart of Tiong Bahru, Singapore, Hatch Art Project opened on June 4, 2018. Since its establishment, it has been discovering talented young artists not only from Southeast Asia but from all over the world, and providing both opportunities to exhibit as well as to participate in various art fairs such as  Lotte Art Fair, SEA Focus, and SAW (Singapore Art Week).

Image from Hatch Art Project

Hatch Art Project