Pintô Art Museum is an exhibition space and contemporary museum located in the Philippines’ historic pilgrimage city of Antipolo outside of Manila. The museum was founded in 2010 to publicly exhibit the art collection of Filipino neurologist and patron of the arts, Dr. Joven Cuanang. The museum (pintô means door in Filipino) was founded on the principle that art plays a diplomatic role in bridging distinctive nationalities, worldviews, and communities.

Dr. Cuanang began collecting in the spirit of local artistic patronage in the late 1980s when he championed a revolutionary Filipino artist collective, The Salingpusa, through dedicated connoisseurship and acquisitions. The political movements associated with the People Power Revolution in 1986 and the fall of the Marcos Regime ushered an era of creative expression and artistic exploration.

Dr. Cuanang became a proponent for other practicing artists in the region and earned a reputation as a patron in the Filipino artistic community. The museum collection includes works by artists Elmer Borlongan, Mark Justiniani, Jose John Santos III, Emmanuel Garibay, Rodel Tapaya, Geraldine Javier, Marina Cruz, Joy Mallari and Antonio Leaño among others, whose ouvres compose a veritable record of the evolving contemporary cultural milieu.

Image Credit: PINTOART.ORG

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