Artists for Artists (AfA) is a platform run exclusively by and for artists.

The guiding ethos of AfA is that mentorship, community, exchange, and solidarity are each central to the art-making process. This ethos is underpinned by three key principles: artists for artists, peer-to-peer exchange, and radical care.   

Operating without institutional intermediaries, the AfA platform brings leading international artists in direct communication with early career artists of diverse backgrounds. Bypassing major cultural and educational spaces (museums, galleries, art schools), and moving beyond the co-option of cultural capital and exploitation of artistic labour that characterizes many institutional structures, AfA strives to generate and strengthen international networks and communities of artists. Connecting artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, across various stages of their career, AfA contributes to professional development, whilst engendering new social and artistic encounters. 

Image credit: Artist for Artists 

Artists for Artists