Located in the village of Plesungan, Studio Plesungan is a creative space that is open for creative people in the arts and the general public who have an interest in works of art created by artists from within and outside the country in the fields of performance art, dance, theater, literature, music, and fine arts.

For the creative laboratory process for artists, Studio Plesungan opens space and facilities that are adapted to its natural conditions on an area of ​​​​about 7000 square meters. Studio Plesungan prioritises contemporary art visions related to nature and the social environment as well as history. Through non-profit activities, Studio Plesungan seeks to support the survival of the arts by stimulating the exchange of criticism and knowledge about art in a broader and contextual sense.

Studio Plesungan offers opportunities for all artists from Solo, Indonesia and artists from abroad to participate in exchange programs and share experiences through creative work processes, conceptual projects, residencies, and participation in workshops, performances, and seminars.

Photo credit: studioplesungan.org

Studio Plesungan