Launched in 2021 with the theme Sexual Health Matters!, PULSE Awards highlights that a healthy society is not measured solely by its GDP, but also in the strides it makes in the artistic, relationship/interpersonal, social services and the sciences. 

PULSE Clinic’s mission is to provide excellent standards of sexual health care and education, and to remove the stigma, judgment, and privilege that continues to negatively impact access to information, testing, and treatment. PULSE Art Awards aims to raise awareness on the importance of sexual health, remove social stigma towards the LGBTQ+ community, and normalise society’s attitudes towards sex and sexuality.

Finalists will have their works exhibited at the new PULSE Art Gallery spaces in Bangkok. The selected works will be auctioned for the charity Foundation for Life. Fifty percent of the auction proceeds will be donated to the charity to support testing and treatment of individuals and communities that do not have access to financing. The remaining 50% of the monies raised will go to the artists. Additionally, two winners in their respective categories will win prize monies.

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PULSE Awards