Greens Art Conservation provides preventive conservation consultancy and services to artists, galleries and art collectors.

Having been introduced to conservation in 2020 from looking after paintings and sculptures by Singapore-based artist Kumari Nahappan, GAC’s founder Daisy Green made the move from art sales to art conservation in 2021, completing a Masters of Arts degree in Preventive Conservation at the University of Northumbria, graduating with a distinction.
Preventive conservation often flies under the radar to those outside of museums, and many go unaware of the prevalent ways the the practice can help to preserve artworks. Fuelled with the mission to help more of the industry protect their art and become more aware of the niche of preventive conservation, the London based conservator now works with galleries, collectors and artists to help avoid damage and minimise loss and deterioration of artwork.
Focusing on assessing the environment in which an artwork or collection lives, Green’s Art Conservation helps to prevent damage to paintings, works on paper, natural history and natural materials, wood, metal, ceramics, and glass.

Image from Green’s Art Conservation

Green's Art Conservation