Existing sources remain fragmented, providing a compelling opportunity for AWDB to develop a unique and scalable platform that is consolidated, credible, and contributed by the Southeast Asian visual arts community.

This synergistic project will focus on three key audiences:



Creating an integrated, welcoming, and accessible platform for new, emerging, and established contemporary artists that increases their visibility on both a regional and global scale Illustration.



Institutions & Organisations

Accelerating links between Southeast Asian artists and the curatorial, mainstream, as well as academic worlds, AWDB seeks to facilitate consolidated accessibility for industry practitioners, the spirit and offerings of the region’s organisations and educational institutions, as well as event details.




Providing a quality database for Southeast Asian art that is both extensive and reliable, to increase knowledge for collectors, about the backgrounds, artworks, practices, and relevancies of artists and organisations.


At present, AWDB is a boutique, self-funded team with great respect for the region, its histories, and its artists. An initiative of Peruke Projects, we hold a vision to do all we are capable of to promote accessibility to the region’s art scene through collaborative efforts with our peers. Data has been gathered, curated, and validated through our extensive Southeast Asian network of artists, galleries, research associates, and proprietary research. We are continually adding information as resources allow, with the objective of becoming the most comprehensive resource for Southeast Asian art.

Peruke Projects

Peruke Projects is a partnership between Tanya Michele Amador and Sofia Coombe with the principal goal of researching, promoting, and documenting contemporary art from Southeast Asia. Peruke’s three key areas of activity are an online database, the curation of art exhibitions, and collaborations. These undertakings are implemented and funded through partnerships with institutions and organisations which support the arts, culture, and activism.

Tanya Michele Amador – Co-Founder

Based in London, Tanya is an independent curator and freelance writer specialising in contemporary Southeast Asian art. Drawn to the nuances of artists living in the diaspora, she questions the elitism of established societal and political hierarchies, and is interested in the injustices of discrimination, racism, and class bias.

She holds a Masters in Asian Art Histories from Goldsmiths University of London through LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore. Tanya works with the Sovereign Art Foundation as a regional (APAC) nominator for the Asian Art Prize and as a judge for the Global Students Prize. She has written for several Southeast Asian contemporary art publications while working on curatorial projects with Peruke.

Sofia Coombe – Co-Founder

Based in London, Sofia is an art consultant and independent curator who holds a Masters inAsian Art Histories from Goldsmiths University of London through LASALLE College of the ArtsSingapore. With a passion for Southeast Asia, its histories and its artists, she is steadfast about promoting accessibility to the region’s contemporary art scene.

Sofia has lectured at the University of Washington | Bothell, USA, on the importance of documenting Southeast Asian art histories and has also contributed to the editorial segment of S.E.A. Focus in Singapore. Sofia works with the Sovereign Art Foundation as a regional (APAC) nominator for the Asian Art Prize alongside co-piloting a plethora of curatorial initiatives with Peruke Projects.

Anggi Pande – Research Assistant

Born and raised in Bali, Anggi grew up around her family’s contemporary art gallery and their wide network of local and international artists. Now based in London, Anggi Pande is an undergraduate Journalism student at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Her role as a Research Assistant at Art World Database involves creating and drafting original content such as interviews and features, as well as producing video content for social media. Through this placement and her research, she aspires to present her own culture through a platform that supports Southeast Asian artists and brings their practices to a wider audience.