The Governance Art Grant is a program that supports the improvement of the quality of Indonesian artists in producing innovative works and performing their best works.

This grant aims to increase capacity in performing arts governance through the provision of grants for the performing arts sector which are open to all artists in Indonesia. Art grant support is used to produce new work that crosses standard boundaries and explores new possibilities. 

This program is open to all Indonesian artists. The performance proposal submitted will be selected by a team of independent experts whose membership is always changing. As a form of responsibility, grantees are asked to provide written reports, video and photo documentation, as well as records of the use of grant funds. So that indirectly artists can hone production management skills, learn how to organize and account for the assistance provided. 

Art Grant Category: 

  • Innovative Works: Supporting artists/art groups to produce new works that cross standard boundaries and explore new possibilities. 
  • Mobile Performances: Supporting experienced artists/art groups to perform their best or chosen works in front of a new audience, and outside their domicile area. 
  • Collaboration: Supporting artists/art groups to produce new works with ideas created by two or more artists with equal positions in the creation process. Aimed primarily for the collaboration of creators with different backgrounds. 

Image from The Governance Art Prize 

The Governance Art Grant