Sita Inyai

b. 1991, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

Sita Inyai graduated with a Masters in Thai Arts from Silpakorn Unitverity (Thailand). Inyai creates her work through the process of drawing, crocheting, knitting, tying, binding, and weaving metal and silk yarns. This application of mixed materials reflects the physical structure of the human body.

When asked to describe her art more broadly, she said: “It mostly revolves around the subject of the bodies and anatomies of living creatures. What distinguishes my art is the use of lines. All of it involves the creation and connection of lines — starting from one point then expanding to create the desired form. The task requires sharp focus and high levels of concentration.”

In her solo show ‘Shape Of Relationship’, Sita explored the nature of balance in its rawest forms: the relationships between humans; the relationships between humans and their surroundings; and the relationships between humans and animals. All are based on the principle of equilibrium. The exhibition offered a metaphorical picture of the omnipresent rule of balance in both explicit and ambiguous visual interpretations.

Biography information from Bangkok Post, February 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @sitainyai