b. 1980, Thailand
Lives and works in Chiangmai, Thailand

Ubatsat is a pseudonym of an artist and social activist. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and a Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion from Chiangmai University.

As a research-based artist, Ubatsat creates artwork that narrates situations where people are under pressure or in crisis. His art practice includes collaborating with communities such as farmers, craftsmen, musicians, cooks, and specialists in particular fields. Through his art, he creates a platform or an artistic situation that enables collaborating with different stakeholders. Ubatsat’s multidisciplinary art includes painting, sculpture, printing and site-specific work.

In 2017, he participated in the Rikuzentakata Artist in Residence Program in Japan. His artwork was also part of ‘Entwine: Maybank Women Eco-Weavers’ Travelling Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore in 2019. His artwork titled ‘Thai Death Star’ was selected to participate in Bangkok Art Biennale 2020.

His solo exhibitions include ‘Sox Star’ (2019) at Chiangmai University Art & Culture Center; ‘White Eel in the Dawn of the Exile’ (2020) at Jojo Kobe Gallery, Chiangmai; ‘Train Song’ (2021) at Dream Space Gallery, Chiangmai; ‘the Alchemy of Marcel Duchamp and the Way of Holy Man’ (2021) at VS Gallery, Bangkok; ‘Burmica’ (2022) at Suvarnabhumi Art Gallery, Chiangmai; and ‘No Distance to Khon Pi Luang’ (2023) at Warin Lab Contemporary, Bangkok.


Country: Thailand
Instagram: ubatsat