Tith Kanitha

b. 1987, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Lives and works in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tith Kanitha is a visual artist who collaborates on film and music projects, and is also active as a costume designer. Themes of community, gender, and feminist identity are realised in her production of sculptures, installations, and films.

These works further act as documental evidence and revolve around the production of sculptures and installations that investigate the possible relationships between the artist’s personal experience and memories and her environment, namely the fast-changing landscape of Cambodia.

Her sculptural works made of woven metal strings are informed by her childhood memories and combine her interest in the relationship between human and non-human form with spatial strategies that straddle Tith’s domestic sphere with the public arena.

The material used by the artist – metal strings, found traditional cooking stoves or collected objects belonging to her neighbours – pertains to the realm of daily Cambodian material culture. By doing so, Tith questions the status of the artist and its potential to engage with issues of community, gender and women’s identity. The artefacts created by Tith thus act as visual poetics that evoke the possibility of change.

Biography information from Monica Haven, January 2023

Country: Cambodia