Founded in 2000, Jakarta, Indonesia

ruangrupa (spelled and written with a lowercase ‘r’) was founded by a group of artists. The founders felt that there was a great necessity for “space” (physically and mentally) in Jakarta, where artists could work intensively and could direct their attention more to means of analysis and less to means of production. A space that conveyed the ideas of visual art – which are important to analyse, mediate, and furnish – like public art, performance art, and video art. The founders felt that this was the only way in which visual art could possess a critical sensibility, which is the most important position of art in society.

As a non-profit organization, ruangrupa consistently advances artistic ideas in both an urban context and within culture at large through exhibitions, festivals, art laboratories, workshops, research, and by publishing books, magazines and online journals.

During its journey of almost two decades, ruangrupa has changed its programs and restructured its organization several times. From the beginning, the organization’s workflow was intentionally designed so flexible that everyone could continue to work individually. ruangrupa is used to work with a myriad of individuals of different backgrounds. Every individual is a key to a treasure trove of historical and cultural fact.

This is also evident from the house that became ruangrupa’s space during its early days. Located in the south of the city, ruangrupa is more like a clubhouse: always open, always populated – a studio, a library, a research lab and a party venue, all in one.


Country: Indonesia
Social Media: @ruangrupa