Rizka Azizah Hayati

b. 1996, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Rizka Azizah Hayati grew up surrounded by Banjar customs, a combination of Dayak-Malay with the Islamic religion. She studied Fine Arts teaching as a bachelor’s degree at Malang State University in 2014-2018, then continued her education at the Yogyakarta Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Postgraduate School in 2019-2022.

Rizka explores media and materials in her work, using a rust dyeing technique to print rusty iron on fabric by deliberately utilising the corrosion process. The creative process in this exploration is an effort as an artist to manage anxiety, fear, identity crisis and pain in the past. Through this self-care practice, Rizka also connects to her subconscious and current consciousness, feeling and understanding that everything that happens in this world is interconnected. Her ideas are often expressed in the form of paintings, collages with stitches, or in the form of art installations. She has been involved in various exhibitions and art forums, including invited artists for the Jogja Biennale Asana Class (2022), ‘Epifora’ exhibition at Yogyakarta Cultural Park (2021), ‘Final Stage’ exhibition: Render Vis a Vis, at the East Java Series Biennale, and ‘White House’, Batu (2018).


Country: Indonesia
Instagram: rzk.riz