Poklong Anading

b. 1975, Manila, Philippines
Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Poklong Anading earned a BFA in Painting from the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines (1999). He completed residencies with Big Sky Mind, Manila (2003–04), and Common Room, Bandung, Indonesia (2008). Having begun as a painter, he now works primarily in video and photography. He also expanded into process-oriented sculpture and installation informed by Arte Povera, making work that appeals to all the senses. He often assumes the roles of observer and collector, turning facts and memories into images and objects, and frequently engages social issues. In 2006, he received the Ateneo Studio Residency Grant in Australia and a Cultural Center of the Philippines 13 Artists Award. Anading won the Ateneo Art Award in 2006 and 2008.

The video installation ‘Ocular’ (2009) explores the limits of documentation. Seeking to connect with the moments captured in a collection of photographs of the artist’s late mother, accumulated during her 11 years as a domestic worker in Hong Kong, Anading traveled with the keepsakes to the places they pictured. By assiduously tracing these sites, he created a poignant memorial to his mother, and to his experience of her absence, while underscoring the elusive quality of the photographic subject. The artist has also assembled projects such as the exuberant ‘Miracle Healing and Other Hopeful Things’ (2011), which incorporates scavenged paint cans, construction debris, discarded tires, and disused cleaning rags (the ubiquitous basahan or trapo of the Philippines) as part of a constructed environment. The vibrantly patterned basahan provided a means for Anading to bring colour into his work— something he had previously resisted. He first used the fabric scraps in 2008, also repainting the found patterns onto fragments of concrete rubble for his exhibition ‘Fallen Map’ (2008).

Biography information from www.guggenheim.org, April 2022

Country: Philippines