Kawita Vatanajyankur

b. 1988, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

In her performative videos, Kawita’s Vatanajyankur transforms her body into a site upon which issues of labour, feminism, oppression and consumerism are thoroughly interrogated and challenged.

Vatanajyankur undertakes various repetitive and strenuous tasks, turning herself into mechanical tools and domestic objects as she pushes her body to its limits as a testament to human capabilities and female resilience. Drawing from a globalized and digitally networked visual language of consumption and instant gratification, her videos bear semblance to bold and colourful commercial advertisements, only breaking away from their similarities within her constantly recurring moments of physical and emotional discomfort; the result is a body of work that is as strikingly compelling as it is uncomfortable to witness.

Biography information from www.novacontemporary.com, May 2022

Country: Thailand