Norberto Carating

b. 1948, Philippines
Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Norberto ‘Lito’ Carating is a multi-awarded painter who studied at the UP College of Fine Arts, Philippines, under the tutelage of the country’s foremost abstract expressionist, Jose Joya. One of his earliest works, ‘Laman-Lupa’, intrigued art critics for its ‘native sensibility that acknowledges local colour and folk beliefs and narratives and a deeply felt and meditative nature.’

In pondering over the works of Carating, art critic Cid Reyes recalls what Hilton Kramer has written about Piet Mondrian: “In shutting out the whole realm of representational imagery as it was traditionally conceived, Mondrian transformed painting into a form of dialectic…It was an amazing creative feat, and the passage of time has served only to increase our sense of both its audacity and its fertility.”

Carating is renowned for a practice that spans over 40 years, having been a recipient of prestigious awards including the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Award. He has exhibited in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Cuba, Canada and the US.


Country: Philippines