Nguyễn Quốc Dũng

b. 1983, Dak Lak, Vietnam
Lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyễn Quốc Dũng graduated with a Bachelor of Design Studies from Ton Duc Thang University, majoring in graphic design (2004-2008), and a Bachelor of Arts Painting from Ho Chi Minh City University of Art (2009 -2104).

Dũng is interested in the human rights of minorities such as migrant workers and transgender people. In particular, through his upcoming exhibition ‘A Shadow Cast Across A Line’, the artist is approaching the lives of migrant workers who are marginalized due to Vietnam’s rapid economic development from a social structural perspective. Dung participated in group exhibitions “Young Art Exhibition 2013” at Ho Chi Minh City Art Museum[2013], “Section VI” at Ho Chi Minh City Art Museum, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam[2014], “Artist in Residence Session 8” at San Art Laboratory, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam[2016], “Saigon Stories”, sponsored by a Japanese Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia[2017], “The Trouble Maker’s Wardrobe” at Hatch Art Project, Singapore[2018], “Password 0~1” at Mot +++ , Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam[2020], and “The Families, Out Of Law” at Hatch Art Project, Singapore[2021]. He also had his solo exhibition “Existing and Skeptical” at Gallery Q. 7 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam [2021].

Biography information from Hatch Art Space, November 2022

Country: Vietnam
Social Media: @nguyen_quoc_dzung