Morakot Ketklao

b. 1971, Chiangmai, Thailand
Lives and works in Chiangmai, Thailand

Morakot Ketklao’s work explores connections between the personal and the shared experience of global climate change. She relates her everyday observations of the nuances of her immediate environment to those of our ever-changing planet through semi-abstract forms. She follows cues from the natural world and finds pleasure in observing its anomalies and curiosities. She has developed an emotive visual language that expresses her concerns about the loss of the natural world while exploring themes of compassion, empathy, and friendship.

Morakot’s work takes form through a diverse landscape, but always has roots in natural phenomena, and humans’ attempt to understand and sometimes control our environment. She tries to connect the relative differences between life and natural scenery in the age of change. Ultimately, it is the ebb and flow of human participants with the complexities of nature that threads through her work.


Country: Thailand
Instagram: morakotketklao