Jean Marie Syjuco

b. 1952, Philippines
Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Jean Marie Syjuco is a visual artist whose practice spans painting, performance, sculpture, installation and video. She is well known for performance art and the collaborative nature of her works. An engineering graduate, Syjuco began her artistic practice with drawing and painting before expanding her repertoire to include installation and performance. In Syjuco’s performative works, she is seldom the only performer; she often enlists the audience to be “on the stage” as well. As collaborating and connecting with others form a critical part of her practice, the video component of Syjuco’s work is not just a means of documentation but also a device that establishes a relationship between the observer and the observed.

Jean won the gold medal for Sculpture in the 1980 Art Association of the Philippines Annual Art Competition for her minimal nylon string installation entitled ‘Traps: A Spatial Approach to Mass and Insinuation’. She is also a recipient of the 1990 Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Thirteen Artists Award. She is the co-founder and chief curator of ‘ART LAB: Atelier Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco’, a developmental art facility in Manila focused on multi-media art experimentation.

Biography information Singapore National Gallery, June 2023

Country: Philippines