Jamie Teo

b. 1996, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Jamie Teo is interested in the sense of tension that boils between the stillness and phenomenal movement of an image. By creating works that lack a focal centre and that are without a balanced composition, our eyes are constantly on the move. This inability to focus on the image prompts contemplation between the viewer and the work, seeing and experiencing an intangible in-between.

Her use of colour acts as a vehicle to move the viewers around and within the paintings. From intensities to absences of colour, the blurred edges strain and exaggerate vision where certain colours may hold the viewer’s attention longer than another, while some may be overlooked. Jamie is constantly fascinated by this peculiar sensation where forms and colours drift freely as the concurrent awareness of form and non-form, that derives from the intensification of vision.

Biography information from the artist’s website, April 2022

Country: Singapore