H.H Lim

b.1954 Malaysia
Lives and works in Rome, Italy

Lim has practiced art in Rome since 1976 and has remained ever since, finding himself continuously inspired by the energy of the city. A Neo-conceptual artist with a disposition for colossal works, Lim is known to incorporate elements of everyday life into his works, which at times are recycled, repackaged and framed, taking on a different meaning and new life. In the past, Lim’s conceptual works have consisted of paintings, installations, performance art as well as recorded video and sound.

Lim plays with the game-like ambiguity and non-accordance between images and languages to reveal the inevitable uncertainty and contradiction in the linguistic function of words.

Lim has been exhibited in a handful of internationally renowned biennales including; the Venice Biennale, the Prague Biennale, the Singapore Biennale, the Istanbul Biennale, Tirana Biennale etc. In addition, Lim also exhibited in Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing, Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea (GNAM) in Rome, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI) in Rome, Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) in Spain, and many other established institutions.

Biography information from Tang Contemporary Art, February 2023

Country: Malaysia
Instagram : hh_lim_