Francesca ‘Keka’ Enriquez

b. 1962, Manila, Philippines
Lives and works in California, USA

Keka Enriquez is a distinguished and widely acclaimed artist recognised for her signature interiors rendered in thick expressionistic brushstrokes. A student of Roberto Chabet, widely known as the father of conceptual art in the Philippines, Enriquez graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of the Philippines.

Her early works were influenced by ‘80s Neo expressionist artists, particularly Baselitz, Clemente, Basquiat, and Schnabel, who were known for their aggressive brush strokes and emotionally charged subject matter. Through her works, she questioned the value and purpose of painting, exploring the appropriation of imagery and the traditional application of paint. A recurring theme in her artworks is the portrayal of the homescape, traditionally the domain of women. She vignettes her canvases with images of objects or spaces within the house, resembling a ‘quilt’ of scenes. Through a reconfiguration of pigment, texture, and surface, Enriquez contemplates the home, evolving from its more innocent origins into the psychological and social dimensions.

Enriquez has exhibited her work in the Philippines, the United States, England, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Under a grant from UNESCO, she obtained her Masters degree in Fine Arts from the Norwich School of Art and Design, England in 1995. Before becoming an artist, Enriquez was a ballet dancer taking classes with the likes of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja Elizalde. In 1994, she was a recipient of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Award. She eventually moved to San Francisco where she dedicated herself to recreational therapy. After a long absence, she returned to the Filipino art scene in 2023.


Country: Philippines