Engku Iman

b. 1990, Malaysia
Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Engku Iman finds inspiration in the rich heritage and culture of her Malay lineage. She challenges stereotypes through a mix of new and old media, producing pieces that are satirical and thought-provoking using semiotics and symbolism. She is an architecture graduate that uses space to convey stories and emotions, and has exhibited in countries around Southeast Asia, East Asia and Europe. Wherever she goes, she works towards narrating not just her own story, but the stories of those that she encounters in her work–weaving the contemporary and culture into a web of stark beauty that is both raw and riveting to viewers.

She has held a solo exhibition at the A2Z Gallery, Hong Kong (2018), Group exhibitions in Ilham Art Show, Ilham Gallery (2022), Yokohama, Japan (2018), Espace Commines, Paris (2017), and the National Art Gallery, Malaysia (2016).


Country: Malaysia
Social Media: @engkuiman