Choy Chun Wei

b. 1973, Malaysia
Lives and works in Malaysia

Choy Chun Wei is an artist whose predilections and ideals of art are based predominantly on design language. His immersion in Graphic Design studies at the tertiary level has provided design oriented conceptual reading and contextual imagination into his chosen practice in the fine arts. This confluence of design and fine art is germane to an exciting development of his art, clearly distinguishing Chun Wei from his contemporaries. An articulate and demanding artist, Chun Wei is never one to rest on his laurels constantly seeking to develop and improve himself as an artist.
His multi-layered collage works have occasionally been misconstrued as being located within the premise of abstraction, however the intent of the artist was to use this abstraction as an entry point for viewers to partake in his pictorial dialogue. Through the compactness and tensions created from the placement of different mediums on a canvas, his works possess a tactile quality. This constant need to experiment with and discover new materials, lend his works an edge which deviates from the conventional or expected.

Upon moving from the countryside, to an urban city environment, it changed his perception of space, where little pockets of green became big structures with artificial lights. This shift affected the way he perceived the world –a world where he now felt suffocated and encroached upon- and in turn, the way his works were made changed.
Material and material culture are therefore also important considerations in his practice, highlighting the influence of ‘seeing’ as the crucial element in the identification of texts and found objects within his dense, intricate collages.

The significance of objects are related directly to Malaysian material culture, as he is interested in exploring the process of seeing, and to a further extent how seeing leads to the selection and handling of materials. The dialogue for his works run around the entire canvas, generating visual stimulations at different trajectories. Each piece is carefully formulated to reflect highly-layered surfaces mapped in a convoluted manner. Hence the textures, correlation and intertwined compositions provide fresh openings to discuss the mediums and their interlocked connotations. Though visually similar in some ways, every piece displays its own characteristics.

He has always been captivated by the inherent meanings that come with fonts and texts. Simple words like ‘go’ and ‘new’ are indications or markers for him to create narrative(s) within a painting. Significant found words are important to the construction of a dialogue within his pieces, conveying pertinent and recurring subliminal messages that form a personal dialogue of his concerns interrelated with his life and work.


Country: Malaysia
Instagram: chunweichoy