Anita Magsaysay-Ho

b. 1914, Philippines
d. 2012, Manila, Philippines

Anita Magsaysay-Ho was a pioneering artist and one of the first modernists in the Philippines. She was best known for her Social Realist and post-Cubist portrayals of Filipino life and culture. Magsaysay-Ho studied under Fernando Amorsolo and Fabian de la Rosa at the University of the Philippines’ School of Fine Arts before moving to the United States to study at the Cranbrook Academy in Michigan. Her work centered around the central tenets of Modernism, garnering her inclusion in the Filipino artist group the Thirteen Moderns—the only woman to do so. She also developed a style more closely related to modernist ideas, which she achieved by accentuating stylisation, design, and rhythm, rather than a realistic depiction of the visible world. She is known for her genre scenes featuring angular figures, predominantly of women painted in tempera or oils.

Magsaysay-Ho received significant critical acclaim and recognition for her work before her death, including first prize at the Philippine Art Association in 1952. Her work can be found among the collections of institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and the Ateneo Art Gallery in Manila, Philippines.


Country: Philippines