Aliansyah Caniago

b. 1987, Indonesia
Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia

Aliansyah Caniago studied Painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology Faculty Art and Design in Indonesia, with: at the Faculty of Art and Design of the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. Through site-specific interventions, installations and durational performances, he is interested in working directly with communities and developing artworks that could blend-in with the society, entering conflicted areas creatively and trying to repair the damaged environment.

He has participated in several group exhibitions and performance art events, both local and international. Alongside his artistic practice, he is also one of the founders of an artist collective space in Bandung, Ruang Gerilya. This space provides a platform for experimental works, and has a focus on artists interested in process and research. Apart from exhibitions, Ruang Gerilya also hosts discussions, artist talks, and workshops.

In 2015, Aliansyah was the winner of the Bandung Contemporary Art Award, Indonesia, and was also the recipient of the Indonesian Art Award granted by the National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2017, he completed a project in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he interviewed a number of individuals who were banned from Indonesia during the “Indonesiasiasi Period” directly following the independence of Indonesia, after which he produced the “Video Without CUT” project. He is currently in residence at Mot+++ in Vietnam.

Biography information from, August 2022

Country: Indonesia