b. 1984, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Aiman is an interdisciplinary artist, a graduate from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts class of 2004. He has had three solo exhibitions—the most recent one held in Nov 2021 (The Significance Of It All Is The Insignificance Of It All) and the one before that in 2018 (The Evolution of Eian & Eien). He has also previously participated in art fairs and exhibitions both in Singapore and overseas, including Art Stage Singapore and Jakarta (2017/2018), the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, the Sunshine International Museum, in Songzhuang, China, and alongside Indonesian artists as part of Jogja Open Studios. Aiman’s current practice explores the process of self-actualisation and individuation, through paintings, performance art, installations and new media.

Artist Statement

According to Frederick Salomon Perls, “ Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself.”

And so I did. I took with me the abstractions of what I felt would help weave me into a decent human being. I began a process of unlearning and I started looking with new eyes. Through a metaphysical perspective I was able to experience the beauty and peace in spirituality. I’m slowly piecing it together, guided by what feels like truth, and I parallel this approach in piecing together the worlds in my art.

I imagine this possibility of space, creating a world beyond those perceived with our physical senses. My current practice documents this journey of returning to our true self—a journey of self-actualisation (by means of Carl Jung’s theory of individuation and the collective unconscious)—through paintings, performance art, installations and new media.

Country: Singapore