Agnes Lau

b. 1990, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lives and works in Malaysia

Agnes Lau is a multidisciplinary artist. Her years spent in the busy city sparked her love for nature and the use of art in silencing a chaotic state of mind – which has inspired her to create pieces with repetitive and meditative actions. After completing diplomas in Graphic Design and Fine Art from the Dasein Academy of Art, Agnes dedicated her art practice to an active exploration of the ordinary objects and activities from daily life that make up the ‘essence of living’. Her unique visual language is the result of projecting her subject matter through a combination of systematic and non-systematic processes within a determined time and space. Toggling between the conscious and unconscious mind, she moves between drawing, painting, and printmaking on different materials, like paper, canvas, ceramic, and daily found objects.

Agnes’ works have been exhibited in several galleries in Malaysia including Taksu Kuala Lumpur, G13 Gallery and Segaris Art Centre. Her first solo exhibition – ‘dot dot dot line line line’ was held at TAKSU Kuala Lumpur in 2019. Her printmaking pieces – ‘100,000 Eyebrows’ and the ‘Manuscript of Nature’ series were selected respectively for the Kuala Lumpur Miniprint Exhibition at National Art Gallery, and the 2nd Macau Printmaking Triennial, subsequently collected by the Printmaking Research Centre of Macau. After receiving recognition at various art initiatives, Agnes was awarded high commendation in the ‘Established Artist’ category for the 40th UOB Art Awards 2021. She also serves as the Department Head and Lecturer for the Visual Communication Certificate Course at her alma mater. She enjoys helping younger generations further their creativity through theoretical and experiential learning.


Country: Malaysia
Instagram: agneslauart