Yip Yew Chong

b. 1969, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Yip Yew Chong is a Singaporean artist whose practice spans from murals, canvas, sketches, installations, and digital drawing, to photography and video making. Chong trained as an accountant until 2018 when he left finance to focus on creating art.

Chong is a story teller through and through. His works are intricately detailed and tell stories, especially of his childhood memories, a bygone era or lost place, and at times, mixed with present day real scenes in a whimsical manner. Proud of his colourful Singaporean heritage, Chong hopes that his artworks will evoke a sense of warmth in viewer’s hearts and they too find personal nostalgia; and they in turn, will be inspired to tell their own stories.

Chong’s public works can be found throughout Singapore, adorned on the walls of shophouses, temples and restaurant shopfronts, iconically depicting a scene or motif of local Singapore, in scenes such as a bustling hawker centre, market, a Singaporean family at home, and children playing on the street.

Biography Information from www.yipyc.com, March 2022

Country: Singapore