Yeo Tze Yang

b. 1994, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Yeo Tze Yang is a visual artist, with a primary focus on representational painting. He graduated from the National University of Singapore from the Southeast Asian Studies department in 2019. He was conferred the Silver Award of UOB Painting of the Year in 2016, and held his fourth solo exhibition “Evening, Once More” at the Substation (Singapore) in 2021.

Tze Yang makes art about the human experience through depictions of the unnoticed and bypassed people, places and objects of his immediate surroundings. As a self-taught painter, he allows his ideas to emerge self-reflexively and in hindsight over the long process of ‘getting the work done’. Taking cue from global art movements of Social Realisms in painting, photography, literature and film, the artist sees his work as a site of exploration, questioning and ‘playing’ with the orthodoxies and public expectations of him as a painter. Painting becomes the trunk of the tree that is his artistic practice, from which he branches into non-painting mediums such as LED signage, writing and moving image. The result of such a process is an accumulation of images, thoughts, emotions, stories and memories that in turn become allegories of both the artist’s life and the stories that his audiences weave into his works.

Tze Yang’s works have been exhibited across many venues in Singapore, including The Substation, The National University of Singapore, iPreciation, Art Seasons, Art Stage (Singapore), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Art Agenda S.E.A., and has shown overseas in OUR ArtProjects in Malaysia and Art Informal in the Philippines.

His works are collected in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the National University of Singapore collection and the UOB collection.

Biography information from the artist’s website, June 2022

Country: Singapore
Social Media: @yeotzeyang
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