Truong Cong Tung

b. 1986, Dak Lak, Vietnam
Lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Truong Cong Tung grew up in Dak Lak among various ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, Vietnam. He graduated from the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University in Vietnam in 2010, majoring in lacquer painting. With research interests in science, cosmology and philosophy, Truong Cong Tung works with a range of media, including video, installation, painting and found objects, which reflect personal contemplations on the cultural and geopolitical shifts of modernization, as embodied in the morphing ecology, belief or mythology of a land. He is also a member of Art Labor (founded in 2012), a collective working between visual art and social/life sciences to produce alternative non-formal knowledge via artistic and cultural activities in various public contexts and locales.

Truong Cong Tung has exhibited extensively in Vietnam and abroad as a solo artist and as part of Art Labor Collective. Select recent exhibitions include ‘The Sap still runs’ (2019), San Art, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok Biennale (2018), ‘Between Fragmentation and Wholeness’ at Galerie Quynh in Ho Chi Minh City (2018), ‘A Beast, a God, and a Line’ at Para Site, Hong Kong (2018) and Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2018), Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka (2018), Carnegie International 57th edition at Carnegie Museum of Art (2018), Cosmopolis, Collective Intelligence, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2017), ‘Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs’ at Para Site, Hong Kong (2017) and Kadist, San Francisco (2016), ‘Across the Forest,’ an installation for Project Skylines with Flying People 3 at Nhà Sàn Collective, Hanoi (2016), and ‘Gestures and Archives of the Present, Genealogies of the Future’ at Taipei Biennial, Taiwan (2016).

Biography information from the artist’s website, August 2022

Country: Vietnam