Teo Esquerra

b. 1990, Philippines

Lives and works in Marikina, Phillippines

Teo Esguerra is a Filipino painter and photographer. He studied Fine Arts and majored in Advertising and has been working in the creative field since 2010.

His interest in art started when he was a little boy attending art workshops conducted by his father and copying illustrations from teks (a popular Filipino card game). After college, he struggled to find inspiration amidst the pretensions surrounding his desire to create. His growing frustration over his works as a visual artist led him to stop painting.

He discovered photography through toy cameras while traveling in Singapore that sparked his passion for making images. His photography work varies from documentary, conceptual to portraiture. He wants to document human experience and delve deeper into the personal lives of his subjects.

Teo has participated in various group art exhibitions since 2011. He has also self-published two photography zines, ‘Opportunities’ (2015) and ‘Other Priorities’ (2016).


Country: Philippines
Social Media: @teoesguerra