Syahbandi Samat

b. 1992, Kuching, Malaysia
Lives and works in Malaysia

Drawing from personal experience and observation, the stupefying technical skills of young artist Syahbandi Samat, using primarily ball-point pens, has been gaining wide attention from the Malaysian art scene in recent years, particularly since winning the 2011 cycle of the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award (MEAA), and more recently, the Young Guns Award 2016.

His keen interest in art began while still in secondary school, experimenting with various mediums before settling on using the ballpoint pen, catalysed by his discovery of artworks by Spanish artist and poet Juan Fransisco Casas. His earlier works were portrayals of myths and fairy tales, through the artist’s own interpretive lens, at times twisted but in a humorous sense. Since then his artistic creations have become more introspective, projecting his concerns and fears into surrealistic viewscapes that are often intriguing at first glance.

Syahbandi takes the ballpoint pen well beyond the implement’s typical role as a writing instrument, fueled by his determination and hard work, continuously improving his skills as a visual artist, and is definitely a talent to watch in the coming years.

Biography information from Artemis Art, November 2022

Country: Malaysia
Social Media: @syahbandisamat