Sebastian Mary Tay

b. 1989, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Sebastian Mary Tay is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a Master of Research in Creative Practices and Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art.

The theme of ‘landscape’ largely forms the core of Tay’s practice. His approach to the topic is expressed through the empirical fabrication of landscape sets, which are subsequently articulated in the forms of photography, moving image, sculpture, and installation. These constructed landscapes are never based on any particular geographical location; they are productions generated from wonderment of the imagination, and therefore, psycho-topographical in nature. The significance of these constructed spaces are framed by his interest in the ontological, phenomenological, psychological, political, and the poetic.

Tay is interested in initiating conversations between people of different cultures and stories, highlighting similarities to mediate the fissures caused by disparities of our postmodern world. The abstract landscape forms of his work serve as a space to discover the significance of our universality.

Country: Singapore