Santi Wangchuan

b. 1988, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok

Santi Wangchuan’s hand-made woven works are inspired by his family’s traditions which are reflected by integrating religion, stories, equipment and tools that are native to his hometown. Born into a family of traditional weavers, he acquired the skill at a young age from his grandmother, and through his mixed media work, he resourcefully preserves an art technique that is soon to be lost as provincial communities are faced with rapid urbanisation.

Santi weaves together intimate memories and relationships, harmonizing items such as personal belongings and remnants of clothes that once belonged to his family members. Detailed and complex, his abstract work symbolizes his intimate affection and warmth towards his family and serves as a long-lasting remembrance for loved ones he has lost. The various colourful weaving patterns and independent shapes that he creates highlight societal metamorphosis, folk wisdom and beliefs, as he continues the conservation of his culture.

Santi Wangchuan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Thai Art (Second Class Honors) and a Master in Visual Arts, from the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok. In 2015, Wangchuan was awarded the ‘3rd Honoured Bronze Award’ at the 61st National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok. He has participated in multiple exhibitions, such as the 35th Bualuang Painting Exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok (2013), and the Amata Foundation’s ‘Art Awards’.

Event information from Yeo Workshop, May 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @santi_wangchuan