Sam Lo

b. 1986, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Sam Lo (a.k.a SKL0) is a trans non-binary visual artist based in Singapore with humble beginnings as an urban artist. In their formative years, their intrigue with the concept of culture and bold execution in some of their earliest forays in street art dubbed them the “Sticker Lady”, a nickname lovingly given by the city in reference to the saga that was birthed from their work in the streets. Since then, their practice has grown to be reflective of their personal journey and beliefs as a non-subscriber to traditional notions of a dedicated style, theme or visual language. Lo believes that the human psyche has multiple dimensions that make us complex and layered individuals that enable us to vastly explore and express a multitude of motivations in this shared human experience. As such, their works explore different themes across various mediums from large scale spray painted murals to delicately hand sculpted sculptures, each tackling a different story through the artist’s lens.

As a feminist and pro LGBTQ individual, Lo also lends their voice to non-profit organisations and causes like Pink Dot, a movement that supports LGBTQ+ rights, and AWARE Singapore, Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. In 2019, they created an official graphic for Pink Dot’s 2019 edition titled ‘Standing Against Discrimination’ to help raise funds for the movement. They also donated an artwork which sold in a live auction to help raise funds to continue AWARE’s efforts in bridging the gender gap.

On a commercial basis, Sam was commissioned to create permanent artwork in Nike’s first flagship outlet in Southeast Asia. Sam has also released their first timepiece collaboration with Casio’s G SHOCK, a limited edition watch to commemorate Singapore’s National Day.

Aside from visual art, one of their noteworthy projects is co-curating the art installation experience at Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness at the National Design Centre which drew just under 50,000 visitors over just 2 weekends. Sam was also responsible for the wildly popular Block Party and Playcourt installations there which brought together the works of 34 homegrown artists.

Biography information from, March 2022

Country: Singapore