Prae Pupityastaporn 

b. 1981, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

In her paintings, Prae Pupityastaporn produces layered continuums of observation and memory. She draws from the overlooked minutiae of daily life, building an illusive catalogue of her material surroundings. Deftly extracting from the latent and the mundane, Pupityastaporn transforms seemingly dull objects into active deposits of evolution: a showerhead, a wall or a rock acquire mercurial ability in her works, storing shifts of the emotional and the environmental. Intertwining streams of the subconscious, Pupityasporn offers a dreamlike insight into the flux and fragility of memory, both personal and shared.

Most influenced by her physical environments, Pupityastaporn has synthesised her experiences in Germany and Thailand. During her studies in Germany, she was exposed to reinventions of the landscape genre in the region’s early contemporary art scene; the artist has since followed her predecessors in creating a pioneering visual vocabulary, establishing a distinct approach of distanced liminality. Her paintings demonstrate the shifting possibilities of shared emotional fabrics, proving how each of our complex internal states can colour perceptions of the external world. She awakens a unique set of memories and feelings in each viewer, and quietly transforms those associations once again in her practice of retrieval and repatterning.


Country: Thailand
Social Media: @prae_pptystprn