Pam Quinto

b. 1991, Quezon City, Philippines
Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Pam Quinto graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, majoring in Studio Arts (Painting) in 2014 from the University of the Philippines, from which she received the Outstanding Thesis and the Gawad Tanglaw awards for her undergraduate thesis. In the same year, she became part of the inaugural batch of the Artery Mentorship Program organized by Artery Art Space in Manila. She is also the founder of Parcel Exhibitions, an alternative exhibition modality that seeks to sustain the intimacy of physically experiencing art in the time of Covid 19.

Quinto’s works explore the potentialities of ceramics as medium and how it is used alongside other forms and materials. In her practice, an astute sensitivity to how ceramics becomes a remnant of memory or sympathy to the human psyche is seen and felt. In her hands, the affective materiality of ceramics is foregrounded and articulated as a certain sense of intimacy and vulnerability in terms of the thematics of the feminine and in relation to an embracing attentiveness to intricate detail and soft forms that foil ceramics’ logic of hardening or objectifying material. This is seen in how the artist uses resin and textile as ceramic objects, the effect of which renders a solid object that visually retains the litheness of fabric. Quinto’s trajectory is prolific; she works with stoneware, cement, and porcelain and deploys these with interdisciplinary forms such as photography, installation, and text. In Quinto’s works, ceramics is both craft and experiment, vessel and venture.

Biography information from, March 2022

Country: Philippines