Nidiya Kusmaya

b. 1992, Sukabumi, Indonesia
Lives and works in Sukabumi, Indonesia

Nidiya Kusmaya is an artist renowned for her unique focus on colourant materials and their mesmerising presence in a wide array of natural fibres. Her artistic journey has been a profound exploration of the relationship between colours, nature, and human life. Drawing inspiration from the intricate beauty of colours and their life cycles, she has created awe-inspiring artworks that transcend traditional boundaries and speak to the very essence of our existence.

Born with an innate curiosity and a passion for art, Nidiya displayed an early fascination with the vivid colours found in the natural world. Her love for art and science led her to embark on a journey of colour study and experimentation, where she found herself drawn to the world of colorants derived from plants, microorganisms and minerals. She unravels the secrets of how our surroundings produce their brilliant hues and how these colorants function in various contexts.

Guided by a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature, Nidiya immersed herself in her artistic exploration. Through her art, she sought to capture the essence of colours and the rich tapestry of nature’s palette. Her meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative flair allowed her to create artworks that celebrated the diversity and harmony of colours found in the natural world. As Nidiya continued her artistic journey, she began to uncover the profound impact of colours on human life. Through her work, she aimed to highlight how colours influence emotions, perceptions, and cultural expressions across different societies. Her works became a canvas for emotions, narrating stories of joy, sorrow, hope, and resilience through the language of colours.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Nidiya’s artistic vision is her exploration of the life cycle of colours in nature. Her work reflects her understanding of how colours evolve, transform, and ultimately return to the earth. Every stage of this cycle, she believed, contributes its unique shape and hue, akin to the stages of life in human existence. Beyond her artistic achievements, Nidiya is deeply committed to sharing her knowledge and passion with aspiring artists and the community. She conducts workshops and educational programs, empowering others to explore the beauty and significance of colours in their creative pursuits.


Country: Indonesia
Social Media: @nidiyakusmaya