Nicole Coson

b. 1992, Manila, Philippines
Lives and works in the UK

Nicole Coson aims to examine the concept of invisibility, not only as a passive position as a result of erasure, the problematic dichotomisation of culture, but also its potential as an effective artistic strategy. Can invisibility be seen not just as a disability, but as an advantage or ability? Like the optical survival strategies utilised by both prey and predator in the natural world? Who can benefit from this tactic of concealment and dissimulation, and how can one apply these strategies?

In her work, Coson explores the economies of visibility and disappearance in the case of overlooked bodies, invisibility in warfare as tactical counter measures, and cultural visibility in art. Coson’s work searches for a productive position within invisibility that lends us the opportunity to negotiate the terms of our own visibility. To vanish and reappear as we please, and as necessary to our own personal and artistic objectives, to effectively disappear amongst the grass blades until the very moment we must break that illusion, the very moment when it is time to strike.

Biography information from, June 2022

Country: Philippines
Social Media: @nicolecoson
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