Nelson Lim

b. 1975, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

With an impressive portfolio ranging from exhibitions to teaching, Nelson Lim is no stranger to the ceramic’s arts scene in Singapore.

While pursuing a diploma in fine arts, majoring in ceramics, at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, his passion for ceramics saw him taking part in major exhibitions while studying as he explored and interacted with artists to infuse new ideas and techniques in his works.

Ever relentless in his quest to improve and enquire new knowledge in the field of ceramics, he enrolled in the MFA Applied Arts program at Tainan National University of Arts in 2014. During his study in Taiwan, he travelled and exhibited his works extensively both in Taiwan and overseas.

With his explorative and inventive techniques in ceramic making, Lim has been invited to many of exhibitions and overseas residencies, and has been recognized internationally at multiple Biennales and competitions. His first solo exhibition ‘Construction of Memories’ at Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan, was the largest ceramics artwork ever exhibited in the Museum.

In 2018, Nelson was accepted to the membership of International Academy of Ceramics, which is the only association devoted to the medium of clay that functions on an international level.

Country: Singapore
Instagram: @nelsonlimsc