Natalie Sasi Organ

b. 1999, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in London, UK

Natalie Sasi Organ examines fragmented historiographies, creating artificial yet familiar scenes of composite memories and territories. Investigating the liminalities of her own biracial experience, Natalie confronts the personal and cultural tensions of migration, displacement, and assimilation. Her practice, defined by continuous dualities and dichotomies, mirrors the binary thinking of cultural hybridity, also tracing the artist’s personal search for a genuine home.

Drawing from settings close to her heritage, the artist builds a composite archive of visual evidence, often crossing generations and geographies. She transforms mundane objects and domestic scenes into testimonies of transitory belonging, fostering unforeseen interactions with intimate subject matter. Forming a practice of recollection and reconstruction, Natalie highlights the ephemeral and overlooked, challenging the subjective ambiguities of identity and memory.

Biography information courtesy of the artist, August 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @natsasio