Nanut Thanapornrapee

b. 1995, Bangkok
Lives and works in Thailand

Nanut Thanapornrapee’s practice explores the connections among memory, history and technology. Nanut holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and an MA in Film and Photography from Thammasat University, in Bangkok. His work evinces a deep understanding of the power of media. The artist even cites the iconic photograph of a lynched student taken during the 6 October 1976 massacre as a pivotal moment that changed his perception of Thai history. Nanut hopes to trigger his audience’s curiosity about their memories so that they would similarly question conservative historical narratives.

In the last two years, Nanut’s approach has expanded to include both audience participation and the utilisation of generated images and text. Such a methodology challenges conventional modes of image-making and storytelling, by allowing participants to exercise their agency through gameplay. An example is ‘HAWIWI: I Wish I Wrote a History’ (2021), a project aimed at retelling local histories in Ratchaburi, Thailand. The artist first conducted research into the city’s context and spoke to elders about their memories of ancestors. Local students then visualised places, people and events related to the city’s history as playing card designs which were used in a board game.

Biography information from Art and Market, March 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @nanut.t