Liu Liling

b. 1993, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Liu Liling works with the photographic image. Her background in painting informs her practice and interest in layering colours and textures. Working with tools such as the inkjet printer and scanner, Liu often pushes the limits of image-making and the pictorial surface, enlarging small photographs to capture minute details and textures that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye.

With an emphasis on the process of making, and its interaction with the material, her works retain and take their character from minor accidents of the printing process, in the form of smudges, pixelation and ink bleeds. The final images bear traces of this process, and by extension, encapsulate the duration of time that has gone into the accumulation of these dense layers.

Eschewing photography’s documentational nature and its propensity to ‘capture’ or freeze a moment in time, Liu’s images are often built up from repetition and layering, a practice that deliberately prolongs the process of image-making. In doing so, the original image is effaced, resulting in evocative planes of colour that recall landscapes or shifting light. In another trajectory of her practice, a new image is created from close-up crops of an original, larger image. ‘Periwinkle’, for instance, started off as a photograph of the moon in a twilight sky, with a dark shadow at the edge of the frame. This accidental detail became the building block of the new work, repeated several times over to create a new, abstracted image, emitting its own gentle pulse.

“I am interested in exploring the physical presence and spatial sensations afforded by the photographic medium through its display. Emitting a soft glow onto its place of installation, the act of viewing on-site allows our encounter with the work to lengthen and recede into space, referencing the extended duration of a temporal lull before we fall asleep.”

Biography information from, May 2022

Country: Singapore