Leik Lim

b. 1991, Ipoh, Malaysia
Lives and works in Malaysia

After graduating from the Dasein Academy of Art, Leik Lim worked as a typesetter and illustrator for three years in an International Children Education Group, after which she furthered her studies at the Department of Art and Creative Design, Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan.

As a child, her unbounded imagination conjured a world that was powerful and unconstrained. But as she grew older, the realities of the real world and adulthood constantly smothered and stifled her fantasies and imaginative energies. Thus, she became determined to create her own childhood wonderland through her art.

In the world of Leik Lim, Disney characters or small babies often appear, mapping her to a more innocent time. These represent symbols of love, purity and liberty in her heart and mind. Influenced by pop surrealism art movements, Leik Lim combines characters rendered cartoon style with issues she observes through the lens of her adult realities, creating vivid and sharp contrasts.

For Leik Lim, this is a sort of soft confrontation. She feels most adults have chosen to strike a compromise with the world, to face the many challenges and intrigue in it. However, voices from the bottom of her heart still call out, to remind everyone that the memories and feelings of childhood cannot be left behind. The pure colours, cherubic and vivid characters in her paintings, coalesce to form an intimation for us to revisit the beauty and innocence of our childhood.

Biography information from Artemis Art, November 2022

Country: Malaysia
Social Media: @leik_lim