Johann M Fauzi

b. Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Johann M Fauzi is a Singaporean artist and art collector whose collection spans from the 13th to the 19th century, ranging from paintings, tapestries, prints, bronzes, ceramics, lighting and furniture.

It is through his interest in collecting that he began exploring the mediums of painting, printmaking and sculpture which he connects with classical canons of art thanks to a formal training at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Light and perspective are some of the elements he has chosen to work with, focusing on oil painting as a means to explore image-making. He currently focuses his research on the ideas of conceptual framing of the Singapore landscape within the intersections of Classical and Romantic periods, as well as questioning ‘otherness’ and the position of a Malay person in Singapore.

Biography information from, June 2022

Country: Singapore
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