Jason Tamthai

b. 1976, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand

As a Thai-American, Jason Tamthai earned a B.F.A in Studio Art and a M.F.A in Painting from Bates College in the USA. Traveling extensively for eight years during his studies, Jason returned to Thailand to paint full-time in 2002.

Jason’s philosophy of moderation is shown in abstract form. His work combines deep tones of western Baroque painting with flowing lines typical to Asia. Drawing inspiration from landscapes of northern Thailand, his work emphasizes the partnership between man and nature, and strives to impart a sense of peace in all beings. His signature techniques such as ‘drip’, ‘line’ and ‘script’ painting, demonstrate a great appreciation for colour, texture and a sense of exploration while retaining his Thai identity with sensual imagery. His work includes oil paintings and woodblock prints among other mediums.

Jasons’ work has appeared in numerous publications in Thailand as well as collections and galleries around the world.

Biography information from La Lanta Art Fine Art, March 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @tamthaigallery