James Seet

b. 1970, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

James Seet has been in the advertising field in Malaysia for over 20 years. He conceptualizes 2D imaginations into 3D, while overseeing all creative design work produced by his team. This provides an invaluable insight for creating art on a commercial level, which gives him the opportunity to develop groundbreaking ideas to improve brands through art and design. These experiences serve as the groundwork to develop Seet’s more conceptual work.

Creative clay making has remained Seet’s passion since he discovered air dry paper clay at a young age. His earliest education in ceramics came from an experienced local potter, Yeow Seng Cheah and international potter, Margaret Fenn. He has also travelled to Fitzroy Falls, Australia, to pot with Neil Boughton, who currently specializes in lustrewares. During his time there, he experimented with different raku methods using lustre glazes.

In April 2008, he travelled to Australia for his first artist in residency at Quixotica, an artist space inspired and set up by Rowley Drysdale, a distinguished potter and artist from Queensland. There he developed new ideas and direction for his creations and with various firing techniques, like the Ogama kiln.

In September 2009, Seet and four other Malaysians were chosen by Ayala Museum to represent Malaysia for the first South East Asian Ceramic Festival in the Philippines. In May 2012, he was awarded a grant by the Malaysian Ministry of Culture, representing the nation to create and showcase his works for a permanent museum in FLICAM, Fuping, China, for the Second South East Asia Ceramic Conference. His works are also showcased in a permanent collection of ceramic museums in l’Alcora, Spain and Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, Canada.

In 2013, he was invited to Medicine Hat in Canada as a guest artist for a cultural exchange program where he presented his ceramic work within a Malaysian context. In September 2014, his work was exhibited in the Workhouse Gallery in Washington D.C.

In 2015, Seet was selected to collaborate with the Kohler Bold Art Exhibition, where he represented Malaysia with two art pieces for the exhibit. The exhibition started in Thailand and journeyed to Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

In the same year, he was also actively involved in a public art installation for an awareness campaign against domestic violence for Women’s Aid Organisation. He conceptualised and brought the campaign to life with his interactive ceramics installation which resulted in several media features and received several awards for the campaign.

In 2017, he was invited to participate in a public art project, a meaningful installation that pays tribute to the ‘Orang Seletar’, the sea gypsies. The title of the work is ‘Tanahair’ which means homeland. ‘Tanah’ is the earth and ‘air’ is water. This installation is floating ceramics in the middle of the lake with the illustration of their boats on the surface of the work.

In 2019, Seet had his first solo exhibition titled ‘Memories’ in Kuala Lumpur with Richard Koh Fine Arts in collaboration with the Back Room gallery at ZhongShan Building.

Biography information from www.jamesseetart.com, March 2022

Country: Malaysia