Htein Lin

b. 1966, Mezaligon, Myanmar
Lives and works in the United Kingdom

Htein Lin is a multi-talented artist, known worldwide for his paintings, installations and messages. Under the military junta, he was an ardent activist, a student soldier and then a political prisoner for nearly seven years. Since his release from prison, he lived in London, married Vicky Bowman former ambassador of the United Kingdom to Myanmar with whom he has a child, before returning to Myanmar where he uses all kinds of artistic medium to share his Burmese values, to echo the transformations of society and political events.

He is best known for having an evocative, simple style, with an artisan aesthetic that oscillates between the abstract and the deeply human. His works traverse the history of the nation’s conflicts, grief, healing, identity, religion, and celebrate the spirit and the beauty of ordinary people towards the community.

Biography information from Retour de Voyage, March 2022

Country: Myanmar