Green Papaya Art Projects

Founded in 2000, Quezon City, Philippines

Green Papaya Art Projects is the oldest running artist-led space in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2000 by visual artist Norberto Roldan and choreographer Donna Miranda, Green Papaya has nurtured a community of artists and cultural workers through its initiatives that range from exhibitions, public programs, collaborations, residencies and international exchanges, with practitioners that work with visual arts, film, music and cultural theory, to name a few. While Green Papaya started as a physical space, in 2014, its programming diversified into more off-site, discursive and digital platforms. These include its co-curation of the exhibition ‘Immemorial-Reaching Back Beyond Memory’ in Darwin, Australia in 2011; its participation in the 2012 Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents; its curating of the 2018 Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition Conference in Roxas City, Capiz; and its hosting of the performance exchange platform, Jejak-Tabi Exchange, in the same year, to cite a few examples.

More recently, Green Papaya has initiated digital projects that focus on unwritten histories and lesser- known histories of now-defunct independent Asian art spaces (Right People, Wrong Timing, 2020) and transregional linkages between Visayan and Japanese artists (Laswa and Miso Soup Diaries, 2021). Aside from its local collaborators, Green Papaya has formed productive relationships with other artistic groups and collectives, such as ruangrupa; contemporary thinkers, such as the late Benedict Anderson; and cultural institutions, such as the French Embassy, Alliance Francaise de Manille and the Japan Foundation. In 2017, Roldan announced the planned closure of Green Papaya in 2020. Owing to a fire that razed Green Papaya’s space in Quezon City and the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in 2019, the closure has since been postponed indefinitely. Its archive is currently being digitized and housed by the Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong.

Biography information by Carlos Quijon, Jr. from ‘SEA: Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia’, January 2023

Country: Philippines